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Popular gaming titles in a Nutshell

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Most famous and your favorite games represented within one image.

here have been various series of games that have been a decade old now but to whom we are really attached whether be it game-play or just plain nostalgia, they all have something of their own that sets them apart from the others.

Assassin’s Creed

An action-adventure-stealth video game mainly developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Assassins Creed was released in 2007. The Assassin Creed series contains eight main games with a couple of supporting materials. The game revolves around a bartender named Desmond Miles who is captured by the Abstergo Industries and is forced to use the ‘Animus’, a device that allows him to experience ancestral memories and learn about the way of the assassins and also gain information about the historical artifacts or Pieces of Eden to ensure the survival of the planet. The game mainly depicts the long know war between the Templars and the Assassins and how they sabotage each other goals to gain the upper hand. The sequels have progressed further from the main theme as more and more sequels got released. The games have appeared on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, iOS, HP webOS, Android, Nokia Symbian Windows Phone platforms, and the Wii U.

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Hong Kong Protest Images And Video Flood Instagram

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From the look of it, protesters in Hong Kong are not planning to give up any time soon.

Protesters have taken to the streets of Hong Kong demanding their promised democratic rights, including the right to choose Hong Kong’s political leaders without interference from Beijing.

It all started with China’s unwanted interference in the elections scheduled for 2017 – when Hong Kong’s voters were supposed to gain the right to elect their own chief executive. However, the Chinese government announced last month that all candidates would need to be pre-approved by a committee friendly to the Chinese Communist Party.

The people of Hong Kong, unwilling to give up their political rights, came together under the name of “Occupy Central” to plan protests and try to reverse Beijing’s decision and were met with police yielding batons and tear gas.

The protestors seem to be adamant though, and are holding strong. Not only that, they are sharing photos and videos from the chaos.

Here are some photos and videos are popping up all over social media.

Hong Kong became a British colony after the First Opium War (1839–42). On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong was handed over to the People’s Republic of China and became its Special Administrative Region under the principle of “one country, two systems.”

Shahzaib Elahi's insight:

Hong Kong has an independent judiciary and generally enjoys high degree of autonomy in all matters except foreign relations and military defense.

In 2007, Beijing said it will allow the people of Hong Kong to directly elect their own leader in 2017 and their legislators by 2020. It is the deviation of the Chinese government from that promise that has given rise to the pro-democracy Occupy Central movement.

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7 Questions About The Hong Kong Protests You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

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September 29, 2014: How much do you know about the current situation in Hong Kong?

Shahzaib Elahi's insight:

September 29, 2014: How much do you know about the current situation in Hong Kong?

Tens of thousands of activists occupied the streets of Hong Kong last week in what is now being termed the “longest series of political protests” since the 1997 British handover to the Chinese government.

What’s happening in Hong Kong right now is monumental, but it can become a little confusing with the news being updated nearly every hour of the day.

Here’s a simplified version of the complex situation.

Why are people protesting?

Hong Kong’s citizens are protesting to keep their promised democratic rights, which they fear, rightfully so, could be taken away by the central Chinese government in Beijing.

Wait… isn’t Hong Kong like a different country from China?

Not exactly.

Officially known as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, it is a self-governing region on the southern coast of China.

After spending over 150 years under British rule, Hong Kong had prospered into an important center of international commerce and banking for most of the 20th century. Despite being under colonial rule, Hong Kong enjoyed considerable political freedom and democracy compared to the rest of China. 

In 1984, Britain and China signed a joint declaration, prompting Hong Kong’s transfer to China in 1997.

What went wrong then?

Hong Kong was handed over to Chinese rule under the “one country, two systems” formula – a deal that let Hong Kong keep its special rights and the autonomy it inherited from the British rule.

In 2007, Beijing said it will allow the people of Hong Kong to directly elect their own leader in 2017 and their legislators by 2020.

However, in August 2014 China’s top legislative committee ruled that voters will only have a choice from a list of two or three candidates selected by a nominating committee, which would consist of largely pro-Beijing officials.

The condition that any candidate would have to secure the support of “more than 50 percent” of the committee before running in the election prompted fears that China would try to influence power in Hong Kong.

Due to this fear, a group of protesters started Occupy Central, a pro-democracy campaign led by academic Benny Tai in the first half of this year.

An unofficial referendum held under this new movement in June showed a large majority of citizens demanded a right to nominate a candidate for Hong Kong’s chief executive, without the interference of the Chinese government.

Subsequently, demonstrations broke out.

Is it all about democracy then?

Yes, but it’s also about inequality.

Apparently, Hong Kong is becoming increasingly expensive for its own citizens, who want a government that is interested in addressing the needs of middle-class families and not just keen on business ventures. According to a Time magazinearticle:

“The entry price to buy a home is beyond the means of many citizens, who equally feel that government policies are rigged to favor the elite, especially wealthy property developers.”

OK. But why are so many students involved?

For a developed society, Hong Kong has one of the widest wealth and income gap in the world – a trend that yielded discontent, especially among the young people, including a large number of students, who want jobs and more opportunities.

They are fighting for universal suffrage – meaning every citizen above the age of 18 is allowed to vote – and against the “influx of free-spending mainland Chinese visitors to the city who buy up everything from apartments to baby milk formula.”

So, is everyone in Hong Kong cool with the protests?


There are pro-Beijing groups, such as Silent Majority for Hong Kong and Caring Hong Kong Power who argue that opposition to Chinese rule can damage the region’s trade and industry.

Predictably, business leaders also think that cutting off ties with China can hinder progress and challenge economic stability.

Keeping the Tiananmen Square incident into consideration, how has China responded so far?

On June 3 and June 4, 1989, Chinese leaders ordered troops to open fire on demonstrators and sent in tanks to crush a student-led campaign movement, killing hundreds.

Although many young people living in China are kept in the dark about the incident, by means of heavy censorship laws, Hong Kong is well-aware of the incident.

Pro-democracy protesters draw inspiration from the Tiananmen massacre and want to avoid similar fate at the hands of the Chinese government, which has not officially responded to the growing wave of demonstrations so far.

The Hong Kong riot police, on the other hand, have taken action against protesters, in clashes that saw the “city’s first use of tear gas in years” and the presence of officers with long-barreled guns, inciting even more public fury.

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5 Halloween Costumes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

You’ll never look at ‘Sesame Street’ the same way again.

"Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it."

Those immortal words from Lindsay Lohan in “Mean Girls” barely do justice to the abundance of “sexy” Halloween costumes out there. Take the hopes and dreams of any child—”I want to be a cop when I grow up!” “I want to be a doctor!”—add in a low cut shirt and short shorts, and you have a ridiculous Halloween costume.

But surely, we naively thought, some things are sacred. Some things are just never meant to be sexified for Halloween. Fine, be a sexy nurse. But Big Bird—he has to be safe! 

How wrong we were; these five “sexy” Halloween costumes will essentially ruin your idyllic, innocent childhood memories.

Sesame Street Walkers

This comes courtesy of Yandy, whose director of marketing said

"It’s fun for women to dress up as characters, albeit scantily clad characters, that they can’t dress up as in normal life … Why some people get so up in arms because the sexy costume a woman chose to wear out for a night of carefree fun, which generally covers more than a standard bikini mind you, is beyond us."

Look, ladies, you do you. Just leave Bert and Ernie out of it.

My Plumber Doesn’t Wear This

Why go for the expected sexy Princess Peach costume, when you can be Super Mario and Luigi in stilettos? It must be hard to unclog pipes in those heels.

Risque Fairy Tales

My grandmother, what big eyes you have. Even Little Red Riding Hood gets the sexy Halloween treatment. She and Belle are just two of the fairy tales you can turn into soft core porn for Halloween.

Adult Disney

Some Disney costumes frankly lend themselves to a sexy Halloween bent: Tinker bell, anyone? But Yandy is back again, proving any character, from Jesse in “Toy Story 2” to Alice in Wonderland, can be transformed into an adult Halloween ensemble.

No, No, No!

But nothing compares to this. Many a fan has co-opted “Frozen” for parody songs or adorable toddlers belting out “Let It Go.” But poor Olaf. We bet he likes warm hugs, though.

Rape OK Says ISIS

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An ex-ISIS member said that members of the terror group are promised eternal virgins and are allowed to have sex with captive.

The fighters claim that they want to mass-produce children who will grow up to follow ISIS. Of course, the motivation is suspect. Do the rapist just enjoy terrorizing and having forced sex with captive women? 

“You have these young ISIS fighters carrying machine guns and they … want to have sex,” the official said.

Reports say that ISIS commanders, focused on war battles, have ordered the young fighters to stop. But rebels aren’t listening and claim that they’re answering to a higher calling.

The raping fighters say that they’ve been ordered to have sex by a cleric in Saudi Arabia. They claim that each rapist has a goal:  to impregnate multiple women and breed children within their villages and towns. 

ISIS, which has taken over large parts of Iraq and Syria, ultimately wants to become a supreme Islamic state, ruling Muslim communities around the world.

Shahzaib Elahi's insight:

ISIS terrorists are raping thousands of women in Iraq and Syria reports an Iraqi official. 

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