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10 Extraordinarily Creative Wedding Cakes

Want a different wedding cake? Here are a few unique cake ideas for you.

Planning to order a three tier, white wedding cake? No, that’s too simple, too outdated, we assure you. Instead, order these delicious looking new-age classics! At least one thing is for sure, these creative wedding cakes will make your guests go WOW!

1. Army Cake

2. Chinese Take-Out Wedding Cake 

3. Shoot-Me-Down Wedding Cake

4. Prince Charming Wedding Cake 

5. Clumsy Wedding Cake

6. Corpse Bride Wedding Cake

7. Destructive Wedding Cake

8. Tumbling Down Wedding Cake

9. Marine-Lover Wedding Cake 

10. The Naturalist Wedding Cake

Source: Carbonated.Tv

A Delicious World: Tiny People’s Fruity Adventures Would Leave You Stunned

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June 30, 2014: These fruity scenes are tasty as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Shahzaib Elahi's insight:

Brazilian artist William Kass is one of those rare creative minds who have stepped into this untapped gold mine. In his “Minimize – Food” photo series, he has created entertaining miniature scenes using fruit, vegetables, seeds, ice cream and other edibles

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